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Monte Selden – Owner

Monte Selden - OwnerMonte has been trucking since he was 22 years old. He started out hauling livestock. In 1983, he started Selden Trucking. Through the years of growing the business, he now has 35 trucks and 146 trailers as well as 11 owner operators leased on. Monte chose to get into the trucking industry because back then there wasn’t enough money in farming. Monte’s favorite part of being in the trucking industry is being able to haul the Huskers and meeting all of the people around the United States that we work with through hauling loads.

Jacob Ladwig – Midwest Dispatch

Jacob Ladwig
From starting in a shop working on trucks when he was 15, to hauling cattle and now being in the office, Jacob has been in the trucking industry for 23 years. He has been working at Selden Trucking for 4 years, managing all of the drivers in the Midwest division. This involves booking, scheduling and assigning loads. Jacob has great attention to detail which allows him to always keep track of each of his drivers hours and current location to make sure he’s assigning each load to the correct driver to ensure on time delivery. Jacob also assists Monte with hauling the Husker football equipment to some of the away games each year. Jacob’s favorite part of being employed with Selden Trucking is the people he’s met and relationships he’s built with employees and customers.

Jody Jackson Kubicek – California Dispatch

Jody Kubicek

Jody began her career in the trucking industry in 2004 working at a Kenworth dealership as a Service Writer/Warranty Administrator. She has been working at Selden Trucking for 3 years, starting out as the Maintenance Supervisor to now managing the California division. Jody ensures the trucks she manages keep their wheels turning by guaranteeing they all have loads out of Nebraska to deliver in California as well as getting their loads booked to deliver back to the Midwest. These trucks are on a continual rotation to California and back, which has built a solid foundation with our customers as we take pride in making sure our deliveries are on time. Jody’s favorite thing about working at Selden Trucking is the relationships she has built with her customers, coworkers and drivers.

Travis Batenhorst – Midwest Dispatch

Travis BatenhorstTravis began his career in the trucking industry when he became a dispatcher at Selden Trucking 1 year ago. He came in with an open mind and the willingness to learn the ins and outs of dispatching and what it takes to keep the trucks moving down the road. Two of Travis’ best qualities as a dispatcher are his patience and his communication with the drivers. This allows him to build strong relationships with his team. Jake and Travis work together to formulate a plan daily to come up with the most efficient way to ensure on time delivery and maximize driver miles per week. Travis’ favorite part about working at Selden Trucking is getting to know the people that he works with on a daily basis.

Ashley Selden – Safety Director/Maintenance Supervisor

Ashley SeldenAshley has inherently been a part of Selden Trucking since she was born. She has had a career in the trucking industry for the last 8 years. Ashley enters shop orders, invoices and orders parts for the shop as well as keeps track of maintenance scheduling for the equipment. She also handles any accidents that occur and ensures that our drivers are up to date with safety training. Being involved with her father’s company is Ashley’s favorite part of the job, next to creating positive relationships with coworkers, vendors and drivers.