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At Selden Trucking our drivers generally leave and return on a weekly basis. Our trucks are Owner/Operator Spec’d AND they are well maintained.  We are smaller, friendlier and we pay well to boot.

Interested in joining our team?

Qualified drivers must be 23 years-old with a good driving record and at least 2 year OTR driving experience. If you meet this criteria, give us a call or fill out our online application.

“We are always looking for talented, qualified drivers who will enjoy our owner-operator spec’d company trucks, be home nearly every weekend, and have a reliable paycheck.”

Monte Selden


Our Refrigerated Division

Our refrigerated division is the backbone of our fleet. Our equipment is top-of-the-line, clean and runs efficently. Our trailers are 53 ft. air-ride reefers.

The primary running lane for Selden Trucking is Nebraska to the West Coast. We also have running lanes to Texas,  and some Northwest territories. Also added are daily runs throughout the Midwest for drivers wanting to be home more frequently during the week. All of our drivers are home on a weekly basis no matter which lanes they run.

All of our semi-tractors are equipped with Qualcomm Satelite systems. This allows us to know where loads are 24/7/365 and allows us instant communications with our drivers, cutting down time and eliminating many delays. We are proud of the technology we have in place and of the benefits that it provides both our customers and our drivers.

For quotes on loads, please contact us.

Husker Hauler

Official Cornhusker Football Away-Game Hauler


Go Big Red

115 N. Cedar
P.O. Box 67 (mail)
Shelby, NE 68662

(402)527-5210 – office
(402)527-5466 – fax